This page contains various information about the computer language Pascal as stated by the ISO 7185, the original Pascal language designed by Niklaus Wirth at ETH in Zurich, and any implementations of that language.

Note that there are several other dialects that are only covered here in passing, mostly for historical information. These include Delphi, Borland, UCSD, Apple and others. There are other web sites that are devoted to these dialects of Pascal[1].

[1] Dialect in the sense of a similar, but incompatible language.

Contents of this web site

Available compilers: Here is your guide to full ISO/ANSI compilers that are current and SUPPORTED.

The ISO 7185 Pascal FAQ.

Rules of ISO 7185 Pascal.

Who was Blaise Pascal?.

Pascal standards, documents in various formats.

ISO 7185 source programs. Here you will find programs I have collected that compile under ISO rules, including sample Pascal compilers.

Pascal-P, the portable compiler/interpreter for Pascal.

CDC 6000 Pascal, source for the original compiler for Pascal.

The complete online collection of the PUG (Pascal Users Group) newsletters in .PDF format.

Various Pascal documents.

The people behind Pascal

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